as the power of choosing one’s own actions,’ and also an abbreviated form of ‘William.’ Seeing only Women of Will on the book jacket, I eagerly picked up the tome from the library shelf, only to find in small print the rest of the title, Following the Feminine in Shakespeare’s Plays. Even better.

In Women of Will, Tina Packer writes:

‘Taking language into ourselves–having it spark in the brain, reside in memory, touching the cells in our bodies, calling up responses every time a word or phrase… is expressed–means that we are organisms in continuous response and action, creating our very being out of words.

With Mr. Alexander’s work, we are ‘calling up responses’ each time we utilize Directions to guide our thinking and thereby our bodies for optimal use of Self (body/mind). Although writing of Shakespeare, Packer’s words beautifully describe the process of the Alexander Technique.

We are, indeed, as  AT practitioners, ‘creating our very being out of words.‘ Give yourself the gift of a few kind ones today—–